Silver Fin Solutions is a non-profit organization dedicated to turning the Silver Carp over-population problem into a viable, sustainable, job providing global industry. 

Phase 01
Feasibility & Marketing Strategy

Phase One - Statement of Objectives

Phase 03
Phase 02
Infrastructure and Harvest
Phase One
Feasibility & Marketing Study

This feasibility and marketing study will evaluate:


  1. Whether or not the Asian Carp species that exist in the Mississippi River and Missouri River can be consistently fished with numbers to support supply and demand as a value-added product.                                        

  2. Whether or not the Asian Carp species if considered a product can be marketed as safe for human consumption, sustainable product for food and other uses                                                                                                                              

  3. Networking with businesses to harvest and promote the product is plausible for the future. 

The feasibility and marketing study proposed will research techniques to harvest the species, work with organizations like the co-sponsor and other nonprofits to determine if fishermen can harvest the species, network with other groups to market and distribute the species as a value-added product, to evaluate input and output uses for the species as a product, and to analyze how to educate state and federal agencies as well as individuals and businesses on the invasive species and what to do with it. 


There is also a need to review the modeling and production numbers of the species, to determine trends, anticipated numbers for consumption, expansion opportunities for the population, necessary oversight and inspection requirements, or management and restrictive needs to control the population.

Phase Two 

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Silver Fin Solutions is a Non-Profit organization registered in Missouri