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TVA hosts first media event in a series of five to discuss sportfishing surveys

Updated: Sep 22

On Thursday, April 29th, 2021, the TVA hosted the first media event in a series of five to discuss their sportfishing surveys routinely conducted on Kentucky Lake.

The event began at the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (KDFWR) Camp Currie with TVA opening statements and offers for the attendees to participate at various stations set up to explain sampling methods and techniques used to age fish collected. Later in the early afternoon, the meeting was moved to Camp Roy C. Manchester Boy Scout facility for a short demonstration by Silver Fin Solutions to showcase our boats, barges, and tug that will help us succeed in our mission to conduct research focused on techniques and gears to remove invasive carps from Kentucky Lake, and eventually, from throughout the Mississippi River basin. The rainy afternoon event was attended by the media, TVA, Ranken Technical College, KDFWR, and others. SFS and the TVA hoped to take visitors out in the bay to demonstrate some of our respective gear, but the weather did not cooperate. However, we did speak with the attendees on the Boy Scout docks to discuss our equipment and provide an overview of our mission and dedication to helping reduce invasive carp numbers and threats they pose to the biota and recreational boating and fishing. We appreciate the TVA for allowing us to be a part of their event.

SFS’ Founder, Darrow Wenom and Senior Advisor, Ron Brooks provide information to attendees of the TVA event about Silver Fin Solutions’ mission to research best practices for removing invasive carp and describe the boats and equipment stationed at Camp Roy C. Manchester. We also emphasized the role of partnerships with agencies and commercial fishers. If removal efforts are to succeed in significantly reducing invasive carp in Kentucky Lake, it will take cooperation from all entities. KDFWR’s Jessica Morris also provided insight to the attendees concerning KDFWR’s role and visions for these efforts.

SFS’ Founder, Darrow Wenom, and Dr.

Doug Nolte speak with attendees of the

2021 TVA event attendees at Camp Roy

C. Manchester. Dr. Nolte described the

contaminants in invasive carp.

The SFS braille and orange “sausage bag" attached to the barge’s crane on display at the 2021 TVA event. These gears will facilitate removal of massive amounts of invasive carp when use of the SFS fish pump is not practical.

Darrow and TVA representatives.

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