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Introducing Silver Fin Solutions

Updated: Sep 22

Frying Pan

Silver Fin Solutions’ (SFS) founder, Darrow Wenom, had studied invasive carp removal techniques for several years prior to establishing SFS. He has quietly been learning by volunteering with staff at the U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) on several Modified Unified Method (MUM) and other projects in Missouri and Illinois. During those efforts, he also observed and assisted with refining removal equipment designs such as the Paupier and Dozer, and he has enlisted the assistance of several professionals to help design several net variations for those gears and with nets for seining and gill netting. He has procured special seines and is working with Vet Nets to design and purchase special nets for testing variations of the USGS MUM.

In 2019, Darrow took his growing passion for assisting agencies in being more successful at mass harvest to the next level by formally establishing SFS as a non-profit conservation entity. SFS staff was added and includes a professional marketer, administrative assistants, senior fisheries biologists, field staff, and fabricators. In February 2020, SFS volunteered several staff and various equipment to assist the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, USFSW, and the USGS with the Kentucky Lake MUM harvest research project. In 2021, SFS contracted with Murray State University and the Missouri Department of Conservation for projects focused on research and removal of invasive carp. SFS plans to include agencies, universities, commercial fishers, and fish processors as partners in its goals to contribute significantly to invasive carp removal efforts.

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