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How to Identify a Silver Carp

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

How a non-expert can identify the Silver Carp (also known as Asian Carp) while out on the river.


1. It flies through the air with its buddies.

2. It looks predominately silver colored.

3. The eye is below the midline of the fish (much lower than native fish).

4. Downward slanting mouth - as if making a frown.

5. A line or ridge on the bottom of the fish known as a keel that extends from the anal fin to the throat of the fish. This distinguishes it from the Big Head Carp that shares most of the other properties.

6. The GILL RAKERS under the Gill Cover opposite the red gills are sponge like, not comb like, a trait of their cousin's the Big Head Carp.

A video that walks you through the identification of the Silver Carp:

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