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Why Carp Fishing Could Save The Day!

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Silver Fin Solution's Goals to change the course of the Carp Problem!

The invasive Carp Problem currently seems unstoppable!

SILVER CARP and their close carp cousins are taking over our waterways.

Efforts to stem the tide have until now been unsuccessful because...M

1. Methods have not yet been developed to consistently catch these fish in bulk.

2. The market price of carp is too low to incentivize the thousands of workers needed to get the job done and...

3. There isn’t a significant industry infrastructure to accommodate large scale fishing.

Our Plan

What does Silver Fin Solutions do you might ask? We take years of experience and expertise and wisely apply it to flip what was a problem into a thriving solution; providing jobs, preserving native fish, and feeding people and providing agriculture products!


1. Using new and ever-improving technology, we will expand our ability to mass harvest Carp.

2. With this guaranteed supply, we can create a thriving market to drive up the price and attract new fishers.

3. As the market grows, we hope to develop a new profession of commercial fishers in the midwest by organizing cooperative harvest events that provide training and equipment support.

Silver Fin Solutions in partnership with government agencies can stop the exponential growth of the Silver Carp. We can save our rivers and lakes and turn the problem into a thriving fishing industry that provides new jobs.


  • Solve the inevitable global collapse of fish stocks by providing alternate sources of fish products.

  • Provide an inexpensive food source to global markets.

  • Remove the impact of Invasive Carp in our natural waterways while helping to protect the Great Lakes and other recreational waters.

  • Develop new jobs in the commercial fishing and fish agri-products industry.

  • Organizing current and future Carp fishers to form a stronger voice.

  • Lobby state and federal agencies for effective regulations and assistance.

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