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Carp Fishing in the Fog (A beginners first time Carp Fishing)

Updated: May 31, 2019

Last Fall I had the pleasure of carp fishing for the first time.

Some might not consider what I did a pleasure because I was literally wrapped in layers of clothing and trussed up with yellow rain gear, water-proof boots, and large gloves to set out and then haul in nets.

I assure you, it was a pleasure. We put out on the river after dark and made our way through dense fog. The captain still knew where to go and where to cast the nets, which amazed me.

I have never done anything like this so there was a learning curve, but it was fairly easy to get the hang of and as we pulled the nets in and pulled out the carp, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment.

Being on the quiet river at night, doing something purposeful that had immediate results was immensely satisfying and great fun. If you’ve never carp fished on a river, I highly recommend it!

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