What Is SFS?

Silver Fin Solutions serves as a turn-key operation for removal of invasive carp species from aquatic resources.  Our efforts will broaden ongoing contracts by helping traditional commercial fishers become more efficient and profitable, and to facilitate market growth and stability of invasive carp products.  We emphasize that our goals are not to sustain invasive carp numbers in any environment, but to reduce them to the lowest possible densities.


There are specific locations where significant reductions are possible, and eradication or reducing numbers to make the fishes’ presence an anomaly is a realistic goal. However, in most open river populations of invasive carp, we hope to negatively impact invasive carp numbers and reduce the harm they impose on fish community diversities and recreational boating. Commercial industry success is key to that endeavor. Commercial products created from the invasive carp are nutritious and very low in contaminants when compared to most freshwater fishes.